New Classes Beginning Soon

If you ever wanted to learn the bagpipes or marching drums now is the time…

Tara Pipes and Drums continues to provide free lessons for life…

All ages from 8-100 are welcome.

Students are always made to feel welcome.  The bands provides instructors to teach new students until the point that they are marching with the band.  We will provide you with all that is needed to begin.  Interested please come down any Thursday night between 7:00pm and 7:30pm and ask for Ed McGlade or Jessica Hines.

If you are interested in becoming a bagpiper the band provides a practice chanter for you to use.  This is the instrument that you will learn to play bagpipes.  In around a year when you know at least three tunes by memory then you will need to purchase a set of bagpipes.

If you are interested in becoming a drummer the band provides drum sticks and a drum pad for you to use while you learn.  When the time comes that you are ready to play on a real drum the band will provide one for you.

Bass Drummers are always in demand and generally is the easiest drum to learn to play.

The band also teaches tenor drumming.

A seperate class for anyone under the age of 18 will  be starting in January 2013

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