Welcome to the Tara Pipes and Drums “Tara’s History Page”. Below is a short history of the founding of the Tara Pipes and Drums. Also listed is important band information.

The Tara Pipes and Drums began over thirty years ago by the man whose name A.O.H. Division 15 bears. When Mike Hogan said to an incredulous John Caffrey, “John, we’re going to start a pipe band.” John promptly said, “You’re crazy!”

The Division at that time had been looking for something to encourage participation. Hogan was adamant about the band and so the Tara Pipes and Drums came into existence. Father Barry, pastor of St. Rose of Lima, graciously allowed the basement of the rectory to be used for chanter practice. When the first sets of pipes began to arrive however, the fledgling students were politely informed that other accommodations would be necessary.

Through boisterous bus rides and rain swept parades, with some pitfalls and a few sad times, the band has persevered. Tara Pipes and Drums has always remained faithful to the original concept, to promote Irish culture, and to provide an opportunity to learn and play the pipes or drums.

Whether students stay for a few short lessons, or become veteran musicians, the band is always open to them, and we thank all of them for their contribution. (more history to come)

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